Who Said Anything About Safe


 CS Lewis put it this way in his Chronicles of Narnia’s The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe,

 “Aslan is a lion- the Lion, the great Lion.” “Ooh” said Susan. “I’d thought he was a man. Is he-quite safe? I shall feel rather nervous about meeting a lion”…”Safe?” said Mr. Beaver…”Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”

 SAFE is not usually where you will find God when you go searching.

Facing Fear

 Going to preach the gospel. Going ‘in Christ’. Like Moses… I won’t go unless you are with me because it takes facing some fears. 

 The phone rings and the deaf have heard and a little prayer meeting in my living room opens heavens wide. Tears fall and voices crack. Everyday is a walk of faith. From planning homeschool and pioneering an arts school with husband endless miles away, bed laden with ants… normal doesn’t look the same for everyone.

Moz Bush

 And I can’t shake this revelation that safe is not where He is at all. It’s consuming my thoughts. This God of ours, this fearless Savior, this Lamb yet Lion… Safe is not His first priority and never has been. He’s fearless. He’s courageous and He calls us to run with Him. We are to TAKE COURAGE. It’s deep, after all, that calls out to deep. Wave after crashing wave reminds us of His vast love and power.

Psalm 23:5-6 You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies. You honor me by anointing my head with oil. My cup overflows with blessings. Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the house of the Lord forever. 

  Whether downtown or bush of Africa. Where He is- is where we have to be.

 Not safe but in all ways good. Pure love is the draw and the motivation. Our own motives would never lead us there, it takes the nailed down ones. We go only to re-present HIM. His beauty must be shared.

Bush Red Piano

Moses trekked up the dark mountain.

The wise men journeyed in search of the Messiah.

Jesus to the dessert to be tempted. He’s our example, our perfect expression of the Father. Never afraid. Always overcoming. Always being led by the Spirit.

 We’re ever being drawn out on the limb of life. Wholehearted dependence of the fearsome kind. Full abandonment. That’s what a life in union with Him looks like. Just close your eyes and let the waves overtake you! Yield fearlessly to the deep. You won’t regret it!


Would you please pray for us.  Here’s what’s on the near horizon.

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In His Vast Love,

Jason and Regina


Ready, Set, GO and Our Schedule

GO! What a courageous command of Jesus . Won’t you join us? Here’s a bit of encouragement & where we are GO’ing with the Gospel. We’d love for you to join in the race and help spread some more love.

Regina Jones


They hear their daddy call.

Then the three little words that will get their blood pumping.

Ready, set, go.

As a string beany  little girl  those words would make my heart beat out of my chest. I’d stretch out my long lanky legs and run with all my might! I would really turn up the heat if a boy was in the race! Or if there were ‘mock olympic medals’ to be won. Regardless, I loved to run.

There are different words and a very different race that bring the same rush to my heart these days.

Isaiah 55 Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters… and let your soul delight in the richest of fare. 

That invitation makes my heart sing! My eyes light up!

It’s not ‘any’ fare is the prize in this case… but RICHEST OF FARE. Those words have marked my

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In Him We Weigh Anchor

Free to sail sunward

Raise the sails! Oh to let go and sail strong and free with the wind. Weigh anchor! Ever heard it said? It’s a sailor’s term really. Even one not intimately acquainted with sailing must smile when ears catch wind of such words. It means we’re going places! Raise the sails and ride the winds. What joy such statement encapsulates.

Often Jesus himself sailed the seas. Peace set out to the other side. When life’s tumultuous waves repeatedly pound don’t we want to pull up the anchor, raise high the sails, and set out to find open skies and glassy seas?

Be encouraged. We are in company of the greats. Not too long ago amidst railing chaos and swirling accusation two students of Christ took a hike. They left Jerusalem and headed to Emmaus. Luke 24:13-35 Read every honey sticky word of truth.

Real life narratives like these tangle us up in this never-ending story of God. You’ve heard of the ‘meat’ of the story? Well forget the meat. This one’s all about the ‘BREAD’.

Their dusty walk began the very day Christ had died. Dead to them meant dead. Final. Their intimate friend. Their brother in arms. Their savior. The captain of their faith nailed to a tree was still and breathless.

Was it all a dream? Were they deceived? Had he been who he’d said he was? They loved this man deeply. These ordinary men had been awakened from their dulled existence at his call to follow him. He’d now fearlessly led them to his brutal death on a hilltop. These mere men, enlightened and enthralled in his countenance, now hung heads low. Their very sun had been cloaked.

Haven’t you and I walked the same path? I could so be a friend of these guys! We have come to the knowledge of Beauty Himself! We are raptured in the depths of his love and forgiveness. We joy in victory dance after fights of faith. We hold hands with grace and run in open fields. Healing seeds flung into the wind with hope against hope because with God anything is possible. We crash into the darkness to rescue the lost. We pray in spirit as heaven comes close.

Then the storms. The storms do come. Had they, yet we, not listened? John 16:33 Jesus said, ‘I have told you these things so that in me you might have peace. In this world you will have trouble BUT take heart I have overcome the world.’ Oh yes. The really hard truth. The storms come and the rocks of revelation that we’ve so confidently scaled are somehow found crumbling under foot.

Oh my friend then something more than glorious occurred. Revelation himself joined them on their journey of desperation! It’s almost too much to comprehend. Jesus wanted in on their broken hearted conversation. See Pslam 34:18 in action, ‘he is near to the brokenhearted’. Even in dismay, when we take a break from chaos and misunderstanding he breaks in. Oh for the love! His tenacity! He IS faithful. He IS unfailing love.

He walked with them and inquired. They shared heartache after heartache and dream upon fragmented dream with this open-eared stranger. Nothing had turned out as they had anticipated and no resolve from devastation was on their horizon. They were simply walking away.

He listened as if he were hearing for the first time. He’s such a great and tender listener. After listening patiently revelation himself began to reveal the scriptures to them concerning himself. Then a marvelous thing happened… He continued walking ‘as if’ he would walk further than them but they ‘constrained’ the stranger to stay with them.

There is something infinitely powerful in our ‘constraining’ that leads to breakthrough. Even while we are walking away shell-shocked from broken promises the dynamite packed word of the Lord in us is working on our behalf. The word previously partaken is full of revelation. Yet we still can’t SEE through to the light.

There is only one way to SEE. One MUST taste to SEE.

Without vision we perish. Prov 29:18. So then how do we get vision? Only by communing.

Psalm 34:8 Taste and See that the Lord is good. Communion leads to vision.

How can we, like these two men, joy and glory in the Lord one day and the next traverse the dusty road of doubt and devastation? Even when Christ is in us. Even when he’s as close as the word in our mouth. Even as he ‘walks among us unrecognizable’ we can’t see. Our knowledge will get us nowhere without face-to-face connection with the lover of our souls. Face-to-face communion.

Every last word of this is sticky rich! Luke 24-30-31

When he was at the table with them, he took bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight.

Their eyes were only opened when they ate the bread. He’s the bread of life and bead is meant to be ingested. We have to desire him so intimately that he becomes our bread of LIFE.

So, here is the surprise of a lifetime! The meaning of the word bread in vrs 30 is from the Strong’s root word g0142. It means- to sail away or weigh anchor! Shut up! Rather than running away we run right into the fresh bread of his face and he lifts us up to where we can see rightly. He weighs anchor!!!!! Come on Jesus!

He’s the only way to sail. He’s the captain of hosts. When our sun seems clouded by doubt and unbelief, when flesh meets fear and we grow weary in well doing, may we never fail to stop to take our place at the table. See, he has prepared a table for you in the midst of your enemies. Psalm 23:5. Let us not forget to sit at the communion table, to take the bread, to give thanks, and partake of life himself while fear and doubt glare on. Only then will we be lifted from the valley and soar above the clouds.

We can only be raised in him.

In him we weigh anchor and sail straight up sunward!

May we all sail strong and free in the intimate vastness of Jesus in 2015!

*photo by my most lovely friend Michelle L Morris Photography


A Sign, a Song, and a Son

Dear Friends and Family we are ever grateful for you! Love you bunches and want to wish you all the merriest of Christmases!

Here’s a little spoken word with community participation in bold.

We hope you enjoy. Just read it aloud to yourself even. It’s so good to rehearse the greatest story ever told outlaid for you and all to hear… the birth of our Savior King, JESUS!

Merry Christmas 2014

Fascinated with Jesus


 A Sign, a Song, and a Son

Oh come oh come Immanuel

Come be with us

Come here to dwell

We ask of you as those before

The priests and scribes

The prophets of old

We ask, seek, knock

And desire to behold

To lay aside to lay hands ON

Like JOHN-

‘That which was from the beginning

to look upon’

tangibly, visibly,

manifest willingly

that our joy MIGHT be full’.


Isaiah saw it

He saw that star

The one hung before time had dawned

That Son

That babe

The begotten one.

The not yet born of virgin son

NOW future’s window opened tall to him

Some 700 calendar years revealed

And later just as the magi would decree…


AND to worship we have come.


Let holy words our lips now dawn…


AND to worship we have come.

Have you seen it?

Are you looking?

Have you?

Have you seen it?

Now Samson’s mom

An angel saw

Samson, we all remember him?

Well his mom was barren and in the book unnamed

Manoah, her husband, his name meant rest,

But none he’d had I’m certain

She’d desired and she had prayed

A child she’d entreated of the Lord

But before that little one could come

An angel did APPEAR.

He came as a shining flame,

Bright and glittering

A sharply- polished – messenger -blade.

That angel said she would bear a son

Oh what an appearing it was.

The works he did were wondrous!

With their eyes what did they see?

The Angel of the Lord did ascend in the flame of the altar.

A site so wondrous they fell face down

And thought they’d surely die!

For they had truly seen his star!

Let holy words our lips now dawn…


AND to worship we have come.

Before a son there is always a sign.

Samson was to be a deliverer.

The Angel of the Lord told mom of whom he’d be

A Nazerite, a DEVOTEE

A deliver sent to set Israel wide- open- free.

His very name meant- LIKE THE BRIGHT SHINING S-U-N

And our SUN a STAR in reality

He too was a sign of the coming one

Elizabeth was barren too

But an angel came

They always do

To Mary this favored girl

She held a promise

And ran to rejoice

With one who would understand

VISIONS BEYOND… Angelic words hurled forth

And when said greeting

Hit Elizabeth’s ears

She became holy-spirit-filled

The song erupted

From Mary’s mouth

The words came holy rushing out

This seed of heaven

And of Abraham

Was planted firm

Rod of Jesse ready to sprout

Angel’s words had assured them both

The sons were coming

Be sure of that

Of thunder and mercy

Of repenting and forgiveness

Generation to generation love’s strength would reign

Celestial stars these women had seen

Let holy words our lips now dawn…


AND to worship we have come.

Now wise men seek

Maji studied long and deep.

They searched the sky

They scoured the scrolls

Of all the kings they would behold

This was the NOTABLE ONE

A phenomenon burst through the heavenlies

Heralding high the lowly king

Light years before its

Seemingly sudden appearing

A star had been placed

A fire ignited

That would blaze unseen

Until that very day…

Coinciding revelation

Star & star flinger

He whom had hung it

Was birthed into the visible realm at it’s unveiling

And now these men

With offering

Proclaimed at last WE HAVE SEEN

Not far away as days gone by

Heavens king has presently drawn nigh

Let holy words our lips now dawn…


AND to worship we have come.

Happy as a Lark in a Trailer Park

andrea with a dog Sweetness of Stephanie 3 girls olan mills me andrea and tube top

Grew up in one. A single-wide actually. Wasn’t intended for a family of five. Long fiery orange shag carpet. Golden, crushed-velvet furniture topped it off royally. Not much but we would have never known.

We made tents inside on breathless hot summer days by placing sheets over the a/c vents then carefully slid under to enjoy the cool. Climbed tall solid trees and swung from power lines. Belly crawled through ditches to find the best mud for pie making. Ran barefoot through clover filled grass and stepped on many a bumblebee. Collected strays for pets. Drank ice-cold water from the spigot. Roller skated on spare plywood. Even swam laps in 12” deep kiddie pools. Most importantly we kept the dusty roads to our friend’s well worn. Happy. We were happy.

Here I find myself in a quaint trailer camp in Holland near Amsterdam at De Betteld.


It means ‘House of God’. No matter where I lay my head. I find that I’m safe in His ‘house’. His presence. He encircles me!


And the joy that can be known in a little tin home overwhelms my soul. He’s been with me in all my days. Led me to the light of each new pass of the sun. He’s been calling me nearer since I was a little girl. Like he called to Samuel he calls to you and me. As many times as it takes for us to respond, He calls. What a great and patient God.

See, He’s looking for a resting place. A dwelling place and of His very own. And by His will & choosing, His delight, His passion He elected us to be His tabernacle!

He reminded me of that truth in a trailer park halfway ’round the world.


Even in my pursuit of Him… He is still pursuing me! And with that He deposits that same passion for pursuit in my deepest being.

He tags us all with His love for the lost, the broken, the hurting. Much of the world lie in wait for us to visit their trailer park. The oppressed of China. The orphaned in Africa. The cut off of North Korea. The refugees in Lebanon… The war torn soldier in the middle east. The foster child #4, 7, or 10. The sex slave nearly in our own back yard.




On every continent! In every corner there are empty tabernacles waiting to be filled with the beauty of His presence.  May we never dismiss His leading or pursuing. May our ears be attuned ever more and our tabernacles be filled with longing of the greatest lover- Love! May He be recognized and welcomed into every palace and trailer the whole earth round.


Oceans of Love

Spoken at the wedding on June 28, 2014.

Oh what an honor.  Jason’s cousin, our family.

Pure and beautiful. What a way to begin at the edge of the world.


Oceans of Love
Spoken word for Brittany & Drake’s Holy Wedding

photo 1

Our ears attune to recurring melody
A wedding but a dance into eternity.

Our eyes strain in delight to view
Two becoming one
Two soon one will be
All for charm of love & king.

Gaze at one another
Permit peripheral to fade
Let lens now focus pure
On the face of your horizon

Embark on the grand ship of marriage
Weigh anchor. Lose sight of the land of days gone by

Melting merging ever changing
Faith and trust- your navigators
Hold tight
Hearts pounding
Pulsating with life

Ring…. Ring…
Let the church bells ring out!
Release a sound that has been known
Since… Since, covenant came ’round
Celestial crowds gather to witness your vows.

Ready, set, sail,
The waves of every page.
Take the paths, command the mountains
You name the chapter & the verse
Run the valleys and rest by streams
Never alone but with the one you now see

Rings on your fingers
Broadcast ‘To love we are bound’
Oh but contrar’ binding it is not.
But truest of freedom fearless in its call.
The seeking is over!… Love has been caught!
Apprehended at LEAST. Helpmate at LAST.

Joy filled partnering is leaning on your mate
Yield to your partner and soar you shall
Clothed in courage you will not be afraid
Through shadow of night & brilliance of day
On foundations of love your marriage will remain.

Sealed by your God
He’s known as ‘the way’
Here are your colors , your canvas awaits…

Patience & kindness

Righteousness & sincerity

Generosity & humility

Courteousness & selflessness

Revel in truth

Bear & believe

Endless endurance

Ever triumphant

Sail the oceans of unfailing love.

Pots of Oil

Join the movement! Will you consider being a partner with our family? We are all in this thing together, spreading the Name of Jesus unto the ends of the earth.

Jason Lee Jones


Hello all,

Greetings in the matchless Name of Jesus Christ! As we sit at the dining room table to write this letter we are truly lost for words to convey all that we’ve experienced in the presence of his glory. We consider it a great privilege to travel the nations & to connect people to HIM through releasing the sound, preaching the gospel, laying the hands on the sick…

Here is a synopsis of recent happenings

For those of you who don’t yet know we are now under the covering of Dan and Marti Duke of Call to the Nations and Rolland and Heidi Baker of Iris Global Ministries. We could not be more honored to walk among these heroes of the faith.

We have a new website! www.thegodbreed.org. You can learn more about how we are fathering local gathering as well as a global movement. You will find…

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smell the flowers

In light of the new year this is a sweet one to revisit. Happy 2014.

Regina Jones

Ever noticed that a fast is anything but that? There is usually absolutely no instant gratification involved. No fast passes here. Na ah. Go to the back of the line and deny your flesh something. A fast has never been fast for me. Whether it’s been for a meal, a day, or 3, or if you’re hardcore like some of those amazing giants in my life a fast may be 40 days; whether it’s food, media, pleasure, or shopping… time just seemingly slips into S-L-O-W motion.

Ecclesiastes 7:8 Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit. That has been sort of a scripture for my life. I’ll not be too proud to admit it. I’ve always liked things fast. I’m still learning the virtue of patience. Well, today at least, I’ve decided to enjoy the wait…

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Unto us a child is born

Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: And the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name will be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace . Isaiah 9:6

To us he came a child. To me. To you. He, the son, was given!

Baby Jesus

Delivered right to your heart.

Given. Fully, wholly, holy given. 

Given to you and to me. What will you do with this infantile gift of hope presented you?


Might you abort the weak and helpless hope of heaven?

Disregard a seemingly insignificant and forgotten dream?

Give up along the long and weary way of promise?

33 years he grew in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. Patiently pursuing heaven’s hunted. The illustrious crown of patience is a mighty sustaining virtue brimming of reward, pregnant with promise.

He pressed on… for he was wholly given.

What does it mean to be wholly given? To be found without insurance? To be faced with no other choice paths to be taken? To be fascinated with the ONE thing?

Were there never another verse written to elaborate…  this ONE glimpse of the prophet Isaiah would be enough to sustain a world in need of redemptive wonder, in need of counsel and might, in need of an eternal father, in need of reigning peace! Peace calm and quiet and void of striving strife. 

The whole package came in the form of a tender babe. Our God so highly values the humble that he bowed low, placed his robe of righteousness under the earth stained feet of humanity that we may cross over. He came lowly, humbly,  leaning… came as an infant king to be tread upon.

Christ! A child born to Govern and govern he does. Clearly not as man would think. Not high upon the throne of judgement. He doesn’t push with power or pull with manipulation but carry as the prophet saw… carried a cross. It would take a back breaking rugged cross upon his wounded shoulder to govern a sinner like you and me.

He came trusting that this babe would be awestruck by the wonder of the world his very hands created.

Trusting that his ears would tingle with the whisperings of spirit words of counsel that would lead him into all truth..

Trusting that by meekness his greatest might would be ever vividly displayed.

Trusting that his sonship would assure him of his eternal origin imitating from his eternal Father.

Trusting that he would mount the saddle of sin to ultimately triumph as pauper revealed prince and blaze a trail of peace leading the whole earth ’round to heavens wide open gates.

That is wholly given.

That is my daily prayer. Shouldn’t it be? That we would be like him? Wholly given?

Oh that I might trust this faithful God with my very life. With my daily treasures. The very present, the gift of all my days. Wholly given, nothing withheld, nothing withstanding, no strings, no if-onlys, no giving solely in convenience or only until it hurts. May I surrender all of all. May I come as a child and be given as a ‘daughter’ unto this world laying down my very life for the sake of  Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Justice Rolls

In honor of today being the 50th Anniversary of the march on Washington

Regina Jones

Just a few weeks ago we were caught in a flood in Savannah.

What better to do than dance in the rain? We watched our children dance carefree; drops from heaven overhead and 200 year old cobblestones underfoot.

If only stones could talk, these same stones that slaves once walked. What might these stones speak of? What would they think of this delightful biracial pair?

On a hot August day a couple of weeks later we walked the streets of DC. Something arrested my heart as we approached the National Mall. It was justice. Justice glistened all ‘round.

Amos 5:24 “But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!”

And I think… JUSTICE. Justice ROLLS! Like the stone ROLLED away. The cornerstone. The word that was made flesh fulfilled a promise to conquer death hell and the grave and with it set all things right.

The per(sonified)…

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